Here's a list of online resources that we devoutly follow here at ASXMarketPulse.

Boom Bust

When Capital Account came to an end the void was filled by Boom Bust. Boom Bust is in our opinion the best economics and business show out there by far, it was the first show of it's type to cover crypto currencies years before it started to get some lip service by the more main stream business and economics shows.

Boom Bust can be viewed on YouTube with new episodes uploaded each weekday. The show strikes a great balance in covering US and International economic news that is hard to come by elsewhere.


Keiser Report

Not for the faint hearted, denialists or those who have a stake in perpetuating the lies that are fed to the masses. The Keiser Report is a no holds barred look at all things finance and economic. Max and Stacey the hosts of the show have dubbed themselves financial war correspondants a label that we think describes what they do quite aptly.

The Keiser Report covers topics you won't hear anywhere else and are ahead of the curve in emerging stories and analysing the ramifications. The Keiser Report started covering Bitcoin back in 2011 and had you taken their advice you could have become a Bitcoin millionare as Bitcoin rose from $2 to over $20000 in 2018. One thing is certain, you'll learn more about finance and economics listening to Max and Stacey.