Fundamental analysis

Fundamental Analysis looks at the value proposition of a stock taking into account numberous indicators like price earnings ratio, dividends per share, earnings per share, market capitalisation just to name a few indicators.

Below is a list of Fundamental data that is available on the site, click on the data your interested in viewing. All trending data is updated each weeknight by 9pm AEST.

Rolling 52 week highs

View ASX stocks that have hit a new 52 week high. The theory is stocks that have hit 52 week highs will see further new highs. View

Rolling 52 week lows

View ASX stocks that have hit a new 52 week low. They say never try to catch a falling dagger, this is a list of falling daggers. View

Fundamental data

View ASX stocks fundamental data. Looking for diamonds in the rough? Fundamental data can help you discover diamonds. View