About us

Here at ASXMarketPulse we are investors in the Australian stock market and believe investing in shares is one way of acheiving financial freedom. Although we haven't acheived that goal we've been in trades that produced substantial paper gains. But the problem when trading in the stock market isn't the trades you get right but the trades you get wrong and knowing when to call them dud trades before they cause too much damage.

The purpose of this site is to help investors identify companies that might be worth investing in. The ASX has over 2000 companies that you can trade shares in making it impossible to be across all the companies on the exchange. We hope that by providing daily lists of share prices with sensitive annoucement alerts that visitors of the site might find opporunities in the market.

It's our intention to continue to add useful features to this site over the months and years ahead, if you have any feature suggestions that you would like to see on the site feel free to submit them to us at the contact us page.